July 2nd 2014

Yesterday and today I didn’t exercise. I have been very, very lazy but it’s the holidays and I should relax but I can feel myself picking up weight from eating all the chocolate! I had portage for breakfast and some butter and because I am moving houses it’s not easy for me to be healthy because everything is packed away. With that, I will have no wifi for the next few days so to my 3 followers I’m sorry I will not be blogging for those few days. Wish me luck with my house moving and I will give a full update on my health and fitness routine when I have internet again. 🙂


June 30 2014 day review

Today wasn’t the best day. It started out well with a healthy breakfast but then my mom and I went to Coles and got chips and chocolate. She made a yummy stew and then made pancakes with grated apple in it!! Overall it was delicious!! I didn’t workout today because there wasn’t enough time! Worst part!! There is still chocolate and chips left! Temptation to the max! It’s the worst but I will have to do the noble thing and eat it all to get it out the way. Haha I know the worst job ever

June 30 2014

It’s the first official day of the holidays and I did what any other teen would do. I slept in until 9:30 and I know it’s not that late but I normally wake up 6 for school. I woke up and I was starving so my mind was completely focused on getting breakfast and defiantly a nice hot mug of coffee!
So I made my coffee (black, no sugar) and got started on breakfast.
I just took normal Coles home brand rolled oats, put some in a bowl then filled it with water, just covering the top of the oats. Then I put the oats in the microwave for 1 minute. While the oats were in the microwave I got the frozen berries out the freezer and got an apple out the fridge. I grated about half an apple. By then the oats were done and I took them out the microwave and poured some milk over the oats and mixed. Then I sprinkled the grated apple over the oats and put some frozen mixed berries over the top. That’s it! Easy!! It tasted pretty good but doesn’t look very appetizing. But it’s healthy and filling. Snacks for throughout the day include; almonds, apples, plane popcorn and natural yoghurt with berries. Well i wish you luck and have a great day!!

The beginning

So today I decided to make a blog about fitness because it will encourage me to focus on my diet and fitness level. Before we start I just want to clear the waters and say I am NOT doing this to be skinny, I’m doing this so I can be aware of my health. Your all probably thinking “we’ve heard it all before” and your right you have heard it all before.
I’m going to post what I have for breakfast, sometimes dinner and what exercises I do. I am a normal 14 year old girl that cares about her health not some all time champion and I will slip up but I’m not perfect. I will eat chocolate, cake and all that unhealthy stuff but that’s because it tastes amazing and I’m not willing to give all that up! So join me on my journey and learn from me. I’ll offer as much help as u can so feel free to leave comment 🙂